I'm Brenda of Bijou Blue Photography. People frequently ask how I came up with my business name. Well, after my husband suggested I think of a name meaningful to me I was reminded of something from my childhood. Growing up in a small town in Maine with a dad who was a mechanic, he carted us kids around in his old Dodge station wagon clunker he nicknamed 'bijou'. He always promised us it would be our car when we were old enough to drive. Fortunately for my brother and I, 'bijou' aged faster than we did!

Maine was a great place to grow up but I don't eat seafood nor do I ski, two things people are always surprised to learn about me. However, the ocean and mountains are two things I loved about living in Maine. I found the perfect place to call home and now live in Pacifica with my husband, two kids, our dog, cat and several fish.

Like most other photographers that are moms I got into photography because of my kids. I never wanted to forget their expressions or features that seemed to change every day! My style is to capture the natural spirit of people whether it be kids, teens, families or newborns. I encourage you to offer suggestions for location and poses as well as bring props that showcase who you are; hence the shirts (in case you're wondering why we're all wearing matching tie-dyed shirts). The kids and I made these together and I really wanted a picture of our project before they got ripped, torn, or otherwise 'kid-ified'. When you, your family and your friends look at your photographs I want them to smile because they see the natural beauty of you in your environment.

Feeling comfortable is key to capturing the best images possible and I strive to help you achieve that feeling before and during our session. I look forward to meeting you and creating with you the photographs that you've always wanted of you and your loved ones.