Hello and welcome! I'm Brenda, the owner of Bijou Blue Photography. I'm also a photographer, photo editor, retoucher, lighting girl, baby shusher, dog-attention-getter, silly-face maker, and mom.

Whether you are looking for family photos, headshots, newborn or child portraits, it is my commitment to make everyone feel comfortable, either in front of 
the camera, or while you're watching your newborn or kids being photographed. Kids are easy, talking and playing with them usually does the trick for natural expressions. By 'playing', I mean, my hair gets thrown in a ponytail, the running shoes are on and my skin is glistening by the time we're done. I have to get a little more creative with older kids and teenagers...you can understand, you were a teenager once. Then at some point between teenager and adult, most of us stop enjoying the spotlight and, frankly, don't want to have our picture taken. I am here for you. We'll chat, we'll laugh, you'll smile without even knowing it.

Next comes more fun for me, the editing and retouching! Those dark circles under your eyes? Gone. That blemish that always pops up at the wrong time? Gone. Forgot to wear Crest Whitestrips? Teeth, whitened. (But don't forget to shave! That 5 o'clock shadow isn't going anywhere.) The other major editing task I take pride in, is face swaps. You know how whenever you take a picture of your family, your toddler is looking at something more interesting over there and your 5-year-old blinked? I fix that!! By the time you receive your photos from me, you'll believe that everyone was as perfect as you envisioned them, and you'll be excited to hang that framed family photo over your mantle for your friends and family to admire. Check out some of my 'before-and-after' work here.

So join me for a fun session, either outdoors, at your home, or in my San Mateo studio!!