Now offering photo editing services for any photos you'd like revised. Photos do NOT need to be taken by me. All photos will be reviewed first to assess if the requested edits are possible and a price estimate will be given prior to any work completed. 

Editing services include:

 - sky replacement

 - background replacement

 - face swapping (the photo you'd like the face replaced with is needed)

 - stray hair/ flyaway reduction

 - gray roots touch-up

 - weight reduction

 - background distraction removal

 - person removal 

 - color toning and balancing

 - facial retouching: 

     - blemish removal

     - scar reduction

     - chin tuck

     - skin softening

     - wrinkle reduction

     - teeth whitening

editing sampleediting sample




Pricing for editing services:

   $60 per hour. Billed in increments of 15-minutes. Click HERE to view more of my before-and-after editing work.