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Rockaway Ricky

March 04, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Meet Rockaway Ricky, Pacifica's own 'Dog with a Blog'! And the official mascot of the Lommori Stahl Realtor Group, located of course at Rockaway Beach. In my quest to expand my business with pet portraits, I've had great luck so far with my models, seriously they follow instructions better than my kids!! I know I won't be this lucky with every dog, so I will enjoy it while it lasts!! 

Ricky and his mama met us for a beautiful sunset on the rocks and brought along some doggy wardrobe pieces. I was amazed at how easily she dressed him! Putting a sweater over MY dog's head immediately sends her into reverse mode and for those rare occasions I can slip one on, she glares at me like she's Robert DeNiro until I remove it. 

This was the very first picture we took that night, the perfect model!!

DogRicky-38editedDogRicky-38edited DogRicky-52editedDogRicky-52edited


What a strapping lad. 


Is it just me or does he remind you of Simba as a cub in the Lion King when he shows off his adorable roar?


Getting treats from Mama. He was so well mannered he patiently waited for her to tell him he could have it. 


Ricky with his mama...


(and just for fun)...Ricky with his mama's hair ;-)


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